Widget Type - Video Background

The Video Background widget is a banner that plays a video in the background. The widget is configured by adding the video source URL (from YouTube or via a direct video source) and adding optional fields that include a title, sub title, logo, and button link based on the selected theme's primary colour. The content is a static overlay on top of the background video. The video will play when the page loads, but will be muted by default to comply with Google’s web standards for Chrome. On mobile view the video will be replaced with a static image, which is added to the widget via the poster image URL.  Vimeo videos will not work due to non-compliance with Google’s standards.

Available in the following Content Blocks: Extra Large

Requirements: a YouTube or video source URL


Any field marked with a red asterisk (*) is required in order to save the widget. Once all the applicable fields have been configured, click Save & Close to save the widget.

  • Theme: choose between 1 of 3 custom themes that have been applied to the website
  • Content Alignment: controls the alignment of the overlay content (logo, title, etc.); options include top, center and bottom
  • Logo: choose a logo by clicking Select and choosing the image from the Media Libraries
  • Title: enter a title for the video
  • Subtitle: enter a subtitle for the video
  • Show Button: checkmark the Show Button checkbox to turn on the button link that will display on the image banner. If the button is enabled, a button link and text must be added
    • Button Link:* click Select and choose where the user will be directed to when they click on the link 
      • Web: if you want to link to an external site
      • Media Libraries: if you want to link to a PDF
      • Content Tree: if you want to link to an internal page; select the page on the Content Tree that you want to link to
    • Button Text:* enter the text that will display as the button link
Video Source
  • Video Source URL:* enter the URL for the video source
  • Source Type:* choose whether the video source is from YouTube or an mp4
Poster Image
  • Poster Image URL:* this image will display on mobile view in place of the background video; choose an image by clicking Select and choosing the image from the Media Libraries